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“SO THAT MY HOUSE MAY BE FULL.”   •   Luke 14:23b

Image Slideshow: 1) Two young men sitting side by side smiling at each other, one is sitting in a wheelchair. Image © Joni and Friends   2)Young, white girl with curly hair laying in her mother’s lap and looking up at the sky.  Image © Field House Photography. 3) Young Hispanic girl with curly hair is laughing.  Image © Allison Vasquez. 4) Young black boy smiling and standing in an adaptive walker. Image © Sweet Nectar Society  

Young, black boy smiling and standing in an adaptive walker. Image © Sweet Nectar Society  


To help churches establish a sound theological stance on disability and prepare to care for those with disabilities and their families.


“These courses are engaging and integrate biblical, theological, cross-cultural, and social scientific disciplines to equip church leaders to serve those affected by disability.”

– Lynn Jost, PhD.
Professor of Preaching and Old Testament
Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary

“A phenomenal resource!”

– Payton Miller, M.A.
Christian Disability Ministry and Theology

“Amazing help for all pastors and church leaders who want to minister to those affected by disability, but are unsure how to do it! These resources will help you grow and expand your unique part in the family of God to welcome, love, value, include and empower all people.”

  – David Chumley, D. Miss.
Senior Pastor
Kings Cross Foursquare Church


Music by RomanSenykMusic from Pixabay

1)  Young Hispanic man using a wheelchair and hitting a baseball off a tee.  2) White family of five standing in front of a brick wall. The youngest son is in a wheelchair, smiling and looking at the sky, his sister is kneeling next to him. Image © Field House Photography. 3) White teenage girl with Down Syndrome is sitting outside holding wildflowers and laughing.  Image © Sweet Nectar Society.

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